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Look in our newsletters for official information as well as items about what is going on in the Ardgay area, info on local groups & charities, telephone numbers & timetables…

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Puzzle Solutions

2017-06-No36-FrontPageDownload Summer 2017
Newsletter No36
(PDF 3 MB)
Solution for the Summer 2017 crossword.
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Solutions for the Sudokus.
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EASY solution
MEDIUM solution
HARD solution

2017-03-No35-FrontPageDownload Spring 2017
Newsletter No35
(PDF 2.4MB)

Solution for the Spring 2017 crossword.
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Solutions for the Sudokus.
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2016-12-No34-FrontPageDownload Winter 2016
Newsletter No34
(PDF 4.5MB)

Solution for the Winter 2016 crossword.
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Solutions for the Winter Sudokus.
Easy: click to open !
Medium: click to open !
Hard: click to open !

2016-09-No33-FrontPageDownload Autumn 2016
Newsletter No33
(PDF 3.7MB)

Solution for the Autumn crossword.

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Solutions for the Autumn Sudokus.
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2016-06-No32-FrontPageDownload Summer 2016
Newsletter No32

(PDF 3.8MB)

Solution for the Summer crossword.
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Solutions for the Summer Sudokus.
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2016-03-No31-FrontPageDownload Spring 2016
Newsletter No31

(PDF 3.4MB)

Solution for the Summer crossword.
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Solutions for the Spring Sudokus.
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Winter Newsletter No30 Front PageWinter 2015-2016
Download Newsletter

(PDF 2.2MB)

Solution for the Winter crossword.
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Solution for the Winter Sudoku puzzles.
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2015-10-No29-FrontPageAutumn 2015
Download Newsletter

The Autumn Crossword Solution.

Hi-Res newsletter
(PDF 2.0MB)

March 2015 Front PageSummer 2015
Download Newsletter

(PDF 1.6MB)

The Summer Crossword Solution .

Hi-Res newsletter

March 2015 Front PageSpring 2015
Download Newsletter

(PDF 1.75MB)

Crossword Solution

Winter 2014 Front PageWinter 2014
Download Newsletter

(PDF 2.00MB)

Crossword Solution

Autumn 2014 Front PageAutumn 2014
Download Newsletter

(PDF 1.53MB)

Crossword Solution

Summer 2014 Front PageSummer 2014
Download Newsletter

(PDF 1.49MB)

Crossword Solution

Spring 2014 Front PageSpring 2014
Download Nresletter

(PDF 1.76MB)

2013 Front Page WinterWinter 2013
Download Newsletter

(PDF 2.2MB)

2013 Front Page AutumnAutumn 2013
Downloa Newsletter

(PDF 1.5MB)

Front Page Summer 2013Summer 2013
Download Newsletter

(PDF 1.6MB)

2013 Spring Newsletter Front PageSpring 2013
Download Newsletter

(PDF 2.6MB)

2012FrontPageWinterWinter 2012 download

(PDF 1.1MB)

A&D CC Front Page Autumn 2012Autumn 2012 download

(PDF 1.5MB)

Download 2012 Summer NewsletterSummer 2012 download

(PDF 1.3MB)

Download 2012 Spring NewsletterSpring 2012 download

(PDF 3.4MB)

Download 2011 Winter NewsletterWinter 2011 download

(PDF 1.3MB)

Download 2011 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn 2011 download

(PDF 1.0MB)

Download 2011 Summer Newsletter

Summer 2011 download

(PDF 6.6MB)

Download 2011 Spring Newsletter Spring 2011 download (PDF 2.8MB)

Download 2010 Winter Newsletter

Winter 2010 download

(PDF 7.9MB)

Download 2010 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn 2010 download

(PDF 1.9MB)

Download 2010 Summer Newsletter

Summer 2010 download

(PDF 1.2MB)

Download 2010 Spring Newsletter

Spring 2010 download

(PDF 1.5MB)

Winter 2009 download

(PDF 2.5MB)

Download 2009 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn 2009 download

(PDF 3.8MB)

Download 2009 Summer Newsletter

Summer 2009 download

(PDF 2.7MB)

2008 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn 2008 download

(PDF 0.6MB)

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