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Minutes 10 May 2021

Friday, August 6th, 2021

Minutes of Meeting held on 10th May 2021

Date & Time: 10 May 2021 at 7:00 PM

Location: Zoom Web Conference

Present: Betty Wright, Chair (BW); Silvia Muras, Vice Chair (SM); Marion Turner,

Secretary (MT); John Denniston, Treasurer (JD); Andy Wright (AW); Rob

Pope (RP); Anna McInnes, Minutes Secretary (AM)

Also attending: David Watson, KoSDT (DW), Anna Patfield, Planet Sutherland (AP), Alison

Moore, Christine Mackay

Apologies: Buster Crabb


1. Welcome: BW opened the meeting and welcomed attendees.

2. Apologies:  Buster Crabb

3. Approval of March 2021 minutes: approved as a true and accurate record.

Proposed: JD; seconded: SM.

Approval of April 2021 minutes of meeting with Joe Perry: approved as a true and accurate

record. Proposed: SM; seconded: MT

4. Matters Arising:

i. Response from Forestry Scotland (FS) re: Jubilee Hill

Consensus that response to the issue is satisfactory and not inclined to take the matter

further. FS admitted mistakes and advised procedures have changed going forward, they

are now aware they need to be on the ball with developer due diligence. Discussion on how

to take up the wider issue of change of land use requiring consultation, allowing input from

communities in close proximity to forests, FS need to change policy to make distinction

when inside a village. Possibly invite MSP to future meeting to address this and other issues.

ii. Flooding at Kincardine cemetery

MT has not had reply back from Kirsteen Currie. BW suggested keeping an eye on it. No one

has reported anything recently.

iii. Are 20mph signs working at Gledfield

Lights are working, but not consistently and not at the right time. JD noticed they are not

working when children are being picked up; SM noticed lights working at Bonar Bridge

school on Saturday. DW noted this is a software issue at every school. SM will speak to Mr

Bews. Action: SM

iv. Bonar straight speed limit

MT has not had reply yet from Kirsteen Currie. Wider issue to keep an eye on is THC setting

aside funds for 20mph speed limits across Highland towns but does not seem to apply to

small villages. BW will reach out to Tracy again. Action: BW

5. Chairperson’s Report: BW had nothing additional to report

6. Secretary’s Report – incl. Correspondence & Matters raised by local residents

MT has circulated all correspondence by email with no matters flagged for discussion.

7. Treasurer’s Report & update on disbursement of Coire na Cloiche funds

JD circulated report ahead of the meeting. We are now in the new financial year.

As of 23rd March 2021 balance at the bank is £37,745.29. This comprises Restricted funds:

£37,140.49; CC Admin fund: £220.50; Windfarm Admin fund: £384.31. The balances of the

restricted funds are BnO: £20,789.61; CnC: £15,310.00; BTWF Community Projects: £931.00;

RWE Path: £73.20; Toilet Caretaking: £ 36.68. Expenditure between 24th February 23rd

March 2021: £225.00 to Ardgay Hall for Internet (second tranche) from BTWF; £50 for

Flowers for Mary from admin funds; £1,500 to Gearrchoille from CnC; £3,000 to Ardgay Hall

from CnC; £86.00 for A&DCC annual Insurance; £14.39 for Zoom. Expenditure after 23rd

March 2021, not in bank statement yet: £3,000 to Culrain Hall from CnC. Income since 24th

February 2021: £500 from BTWF to Windfarm Admin fund via THC.

MT raised question of whether groups awarded funds for running costs are eligible to ask

for additional funding. SM noted running costs are different from project costs. DW noted

running costs must be met every year, whereas project costs should always be additional,

not core functions that will benefit community. MT proposed that getting an annual award

doesn’t preclude from applying for project award.

MT asked what information we should request from awardees in their annual report. SM

suggested summary of activities, a few questions, in any format. DW suggested key

questions might include:

? Is your core running cost more than x?

? What difference did this make to your org?

? What has this money allowed you to do?

MT added How has this benefitted you? Suggested it be open ended, non-invasive. AW

suggested the priority is benefit to the community rather than auditing spending. BW noted

there is a requirement for us to know where the funds have gone so we can report back, so

we do need some feedback. Proposed CC work on this and run past DW, all agreed.

8. Forestry replanting at Badvoon – request for input from local community

This has been parked until next meeting to see if Andy Murray can attend.

9. Regular updates

i. Planning issues:

? Sallachy windfarm – Planning application has been submitted to Highland Council –

21/01615/FUL. If consented, this scheme will provide not only Community Benefit funds, but shared ownership – which is being pursued by Kyle of Sutherland development trust on behalf of local communities & would bring substantial funds

to the area. Proposal: Ardgay & District Community council write in support of this


CC has received no representation from any constituents on this application. DW noted that

this is only 1 of 2 shared ownership opportunities to get to this stage. BW proposed CC write

to THC to support. MT highlighted position of CC has thus far been neutral regarding

windfarm development, proposed maintaining neutrality but at same time indicate that

community will benefit significantly from shared ownership rather than clear windfarm

support. All engaged in discussion on the position of the CC regarding windfarm

development, representing community views, and considering all applications on individual

merit. BW proposed putting to vote that CC write to THC to support application. In favour:

JD, AW, BW. Opposed: MT, SM, RP. BW cast deciding vote to pass motion.

? Garvary windfarm & battery storage- planning application has been submitted to

Energy Consents Unit of Scottish Government ECU00003251. Response by 17 May.

MT to contact Energy consents unit and acknowledge/note application by deadline.

Action: MT

ii. Climate Issues

Discussion of climate issues was covered in planning discussions. AP noted further

engagement and education for community is needed on climate issues, benefits of

renewable energy.

iii. Windfarms

? Muirden Energy MOU re Community Benefit funds to be considered. (Croick WF)

In this development they are using CC area as basis of dividing funds: 45% to A&DCC, 45% to

Creich CC, 10% to Assynt CC due to access from the west into Lochinver. All agreed with no

objections raised to signing MOU.

? Rosehall

SM had raised attendance of Rosehall Panel, the last 3 meetings were unattended by

A&DCC rep. RP attended Zoom meeting last September but has heard nothing since, has not

received emails. MT proposed park until AGM, BW agreed.

iv. Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust

? Proposal from SSE to provide funds from Achany CB pot to contribute to renovation

of Bonar Bridge Post Office building (which is community owned).  This will be

considered with Beinn Tharsuinn application)

DW provided updates:

• Falls of Shin has received 3 expressions of interest for new operators. Board will

assess and hopes to have new operator by June/July in some capacity.

• South Bonar project has received full funding but won’t get planning permission due

to SEPA objection based on flooding risk and THC is upholding SEPA objection.

• Creich Locality Group holistic emergency was plan well received, ghillies to be first

responders, Braelangwell lodge to be a safe haven for Strathcarron with generator


Meeting closed at 21:30pm.

Actions from Meeting:

1.  SM to speak to Mr Bews about  Gledfield 20mph lights.

2.  BW to contact Tracey about Bonar straight speed limit.

3.  MT to acknowledge Garvary windfarm application by deadline.

4.  SM to get pricing for recycled plastic planters and circulate by email.

• Two business are moving to Dornoch: Heaven Bikes and Highland Wireless.

• Post Office building renovations have been costed and funding being secured, work

will start in July and PO will be shut for 4 months. Temporary location to be setup in

Bonar Bridge, with no downtime by 1st July. Building will be condemned if no action

taken this year, and renovations will ensure building is enhanced and secure for the

next 50 years.

v. Highland council

Kirsteen Currie not in attendance, no report from THC.

AW raised issue of recycling centres, the convoluted process currently in place could

exacerbate the fly tipping problem.

10. AOCB

SM raised issue of flower tubs needing replacement and proposed purchasing recycled

plastic planters to plant spring/summer flower displays. AW suggested getting barrels from

local distillery and he can construct the planters. JD proposed SM get pricing for recycled

plastic planters and CC can approve via email as long as there is a quorum and officially

approve at next meeting. BW seconded.  Action: SM

11. Date of future meetings

The next meeting and AGM will be held on June 14th at 7pm via Zoom.

12. Applications to Beinn Tharsuinn Wind Farm

Application from the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust for Bonar Bridge Post Office

refurbishment was approved with award of £2000. Application from the Kyle of Sutherland

Hub for a community engagement program was approved with award of £2000.

Important Meeting Notice

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Please Note : 2019 Meetings

Ardgay & District Community Council have now received  an extra grant from the Highland Council ward discretionary budget to allow us to proceed with our normal meetings as planned for the rest of the financial year.

Our next two meetings will be:-

Monday 11th Feb 2019


Monday 8th April 2019

@ 7pm in Ardgay Hall