Minutes 13 July 2020

Minutes of meeting held on Monday, 13th July 2020 on Zoom at 7.00pm

Minutes approved 10/08/2020

Present: Betty Wright, Chair (BW), Silvia Muras, Vice Chair (SM), Marion Turner, Secretary (MT), John Denniston, Treasurer (JD), Rob Pope (RP), Andy Wright (AW), Bill Knott (BK), Buster Crabb (BC)

Minutes Secretary: Mary Goulder

Chair Betty Wright had called the Zoom meeting, firstly to test the system and establish if the format can work in future if it remains impossible to hold face to face meetings. Also to confirm email decisions reached during the lockdown period, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, since the middle of March.

BW began with thanking everyone for joining the Zoom meeting and proceeded to record the CC’s thanks to the various local businesses and organisations which have been providing excellent support to the community including the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, the Bradbury Centre, the Kyle Bakery, Bonar Bridge Post Office and Ardgay Stores. The various services provided by these, and volunteers throughout the area, has been invaluable for everyone, most especially the vulnerable and shielding members of the community.

At the outset of lockdown it was agreed to suspend applications to the windfarm community benefit funds unless they directly impacted on dealing with the virus situation and limitations. Any such applications would still be considered but under the auspices of KoSDT which was co-ordinating many of the supporting measures in the community.

It was agreed to pay Mary Goulder a retainer of £49 per month, based on the 80% Government recommendations, until the end of June. This would ensure continuity of contact, correspondence etc.

Financial report. Prior to the meeting Treasurer had forwarded the report which shows no changes since the 29th May.

The balance at the bank is £20.550.48.  This comprises £20,287.82 Restricted funds, £99.91 CC Admin fund, and £162.75 Windfarm admin fund. The balances of the Restricted funs are: BnO:£17,902.11, BTWF Community Projects: £2,275.83, EON Path: £73.20, and Toilet Caretaking: £36.68. Paid out since 6th April: £97.20 to Travis Perkins for the EON Path fund, BnO grants (approved at February meeting): £60 to Planet Sutherland, £250 to KoS Rainbow, Brownie and Guides (both approved in February) and £90 to Mary Goulder, Minutes Secretary retainer (agreed by email motion).

Ardgay Toilets. The CC rejected the proposal by THC to take on the asset responsibilities resulting in THC taking back the facility management. SM confirmed that the keys were returned to THC. She was advised that the CC should take all unused consumables as the CC had paid for them. These will now be donated to the Community Larder in The Barn at the Trust offices.

Jubilee Hill planting. BK had not seen the response from Scottish Forestry which provided an update on the plans for the area. MT will circulate this, and BK agreed to discuss the matter further once the response has been considered by the local residents. MT Action.

BTWF/BnO applications. It was agreed that applications to the funds will be reopened. BW Action.

Increase in visitor numbers. Local concern has been noted about increasing numbers of visitors to the area although it is understood that many businesses rely on tourism for income. It is hoped that a balance will be established, and that people will continue to observe all safety measures. The leaflet produced and circulated by the Sutherland Community Partnership on advice to tourists is recommended to all holiday accommodation providers and copies should be placed in local shops/outlets.

Next meeting. As it remains unclear when it will be possible to hold a regular meeting it is proposed that the next meeting will also be held on Zoom, open to CC members only, scheduled for Monday 10th August at 7pm. Using the usual channels of communication with the community, Chair will publicise this, asking that people submit any questions/raise any issues beforehand so that they can be discussed by the CC at that time.

Meeting closed 7.45pm.

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