Agenda: 13 November 2023

13 November 2023

7:00 PM | Via Microsoft Teams


The meeting will initially be chaired by a representative from Highland Council until such time as a Chair for the Community Council has been appointed.

1)          Appointment of Office Bearers

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair (optional unless Sec is non-elected Minute Sec)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary (or Minute Secretary)

2)          Adoption of the Constitution and Standing Orders

  • As set out at Appendices 3 and 4 of the Scheme of Establishment

3)          Future Meeting Dates

  • The Community Council should set dates for the year ahead or up to the next AGM (which will be held between 1 April and 30 June).

4)          Any Other Competent Business

  • The Community Council may choose to discuss continuing business arising from the minutes of the previous Community Council or new items that it wishes to prioritise.
  • The Community Council may also wish to consider, at the inaugural or a future meeting, whether to grant Associate Membership (section 5.5 of the scheme) to key groups within the community, such as parent councils, development trusts etc, or Youth Members (section 5.7 of the scheme).


1. Welcome & Apologies

2. Updates to Members Register of Interests

3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

  • Traffic issues around Gledfield Primary School
  • Speed limit changes 20/30mph around Hub
  • Cycling on pavement
  • Carbisdale Castle third proposal

4. CC Member Reports

  • Co-option of Dr Buster Crabb

5. Planning & Development

  • Local Place Plans

6. Highland Council

  • Updates from other area CCs

7. Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust

  • Resilience Plan

8. Local Updates

  • Windfarms
  • Community Halls (Ardgay & Culrain)
  • Gledfield Primary School
  • Planet Sutherland
  • Crofting & Land
  • Police Report

9. AOB

10. Date of Next Meeting

11. Private Session: Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund Applications

  • Beinn Tharsuinn
  • Coire na Cloiche
  • Beinn nan Oighrean

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