Minutes 12 February 2018

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 12th February 2018 in Ardgay Hall at 7.00pm

Minutes approved 12th March 2018

Present: Betty Wright, Chair (BW), Silvia Muras, Vice Chair (SM), Marion Turner, Secretary/Treasurer (MT), Andy Wright (AW), Rob Pope (RP), Buster Crabb (BC)

Police Scotland: PCs Angus Morrison, Steve MacKenzie                  Minutes Secretary: Mary Goulder

Apologies: Highland Councillor Linda Munro (LM), Leslie Pope (LP)

Items 1/2. Welcome/Apologies (as above) Chair Betty Wright welcomed everyone, then invited the police officers to give their report. This was very brief with only one advice call, one fixed penalty road traffic offence, one lost property and one external force entry. There were no matters raised by the CC.

Item 3. Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the December meeting were approved as a true and accurate record, proposed: Marion Turner; seconded: Betty Wright.

Item 4. Matters arising. (1) Ardgay/Bonar straight/where to site seats. Two sites identified as satisfactory to provide seating at roughly the third-way points. If possible, seats could be set to face both ways to allow for best views. BW will price seats and concrete base installation and share quotes with CCs. She will also ask Creich CC if they wish to contribute to project costs.BW Action. (2) Defibrillators, Ardgay and Culrain. Discussion with BT now complete and community will go ahead with plans to site defibrillator in Culrain phone box. SM shared quotes with CC and will submit application to Beinn Tharsuinn for project match funding. SM Action. (3) Christmas lights newsletter article. AW will submit an article seeking local opinions and volunteers for next December. AW/MT/BW plan to erect the tree as last time. AW Action. A separate article may be submitted regarding the continuation of providing floral displays. (4) Polling station review. MT made online submission with views of CC.

Item 5. Police report. See above (Item 1).

Item 6. Chairperson’s report. (1) Plant tubs. BW will speak with Jean Richardson regarding possible arrangements for floral displays. BW Action.

Item 7. Secretary’s report. All relevant email correspondence has been circulated. (1) Information received from Zurich Insurance regarding administration changes as the company takes over CC cover. It is understood that payment of the premium will continue to be deducted by THC before payment to CC. (2) It has been reported that street lighting in the parking area at the station are not working. CCs were reminded to advise locals of the facility on THC website to report such faults. A small item to this effect will be placed in the Newsletter. LM/SM Action.

Item 8. Treasurer’s report. (MT) The 3 January 2018 balance at the bank was £21,545.77 of which £20,667.04 are restricted funds. The Admin/General Fund has £ 878.73 available to carry out the business of the CC. The balances of the restricted funds are: Toilet Caretaking – £29.76, BTWF – Community Projects – £5,098.15, Newsletter – £3,013.00, BnO – £11,855.73, EON Path – £670.40.

Item 9. Correspondence/Matters raised by local residents. (1) Received emails have been circulated. A request to invite RBS and Bank of Scotland for the mobile bank to have a stop in the new square has been put to the banks. The response indicates that the schedules are full and no extra stops can be added at this time. Secretary will write formally to the banks asking that the schedules be reconsidered to allow this stop. MT Action. (2) THC’s draft Core Path review is now open for comments on updates made to the original plan. There have been additions to the path network around Ardgay, including new paths at Glencalvie.

Item 10. Regular updates:

(1) Planning. No issues raised.

(2) Newsletter. (SM) Copy date for next issue is 21st February with distribution expected in the week beginning 12th March. Contributions are already being received and new advertisers are booking. The entries for the A&DCC 2nd Children’s Art Competition have been collected. Winners will be chosen very shortly. Awards will appear in the next edition along with the date of the exhibition. This year the intention is to organise the event on a week day to give the pupils the opportunity to attend as a school activity.

(3) Ardgay Regeneration. A charging point for electric vehicles has been placed in the Square but is not yet operational.

(4) Broadband. BT personnel have been in Culrain with residents being advised that rewiring is to be done to bring faster Broadband to the village.

(5) Windfarms. (1) Braemore. Nothing heard from Braemore regarding community benefit. Chair will write again. BW Action. Croick. Nothing further. Sallachy. Conversations with Creich and Lairg CC are ongoing.

(6) Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust. At the recent AGM, MT stood down from the Trust. Grateful thanks were given to her for her years of service since the early days of the Trust and her work in helping progress the various exciting projects which have already reached fruition. It was proposed that AW, who is already a Trust director, should take on the role of CC representative as well. With approval of all present, AW accepted.  He then advised that the Trust website has not been kept up to date recently due to staff illness but that a new person is now in post so the site will be updated and maintained. This will help with keeping the public informed of Trust activities. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call into the new office in The Barn at any time.

Item 11. Highland Council. (1) Temporary Ward Manager Garry Cameron is moving to a new position with Phil Tomalin returning to take up the manager’s post. Secretary will send message of thanks to GC for his help and support while covering this job. (2) Cllr McGillivray’s 6% Plan. In response to Cllr McGillivray’s email the CC will write suggesting several items which could qualify for Capital Budget spending. (3) Notice has been received of some of the proposals in THC Budget, to be approved on 15th February which includes the proposed reduction of CC annual grants by 50%. Secretary will write to the three local councillors clearly stating the financial position of the CC, explaining the Restricted Funds and making the case for the outgoing expenses which are incurred simply to keep the CC functioning.  She will also mention the way in which the CC operates the Ardgay public toilets and state how well this system has worked. MT Action all points.

Item 12. Any other competent business. (1) Sutherland Community Partnership. Three people are now based in the offices at The Barn working on locality plans. The CC was not made aware of this and will write to Peter Allan to ask what the remit for this is. MT Action.

Item 13. Date and time of next meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday 12th March 2018 at 7pm in Ardgay Public Hall.

Private Session. Beinn Tharsuinn/Beinn nan Oighrean Community Benefit awards. Application by Invergordon Academy for funding to help support a World Challenge Expedition to Nepal was rejected.

Application by the Invershin Hall for a grant of £45 to run further Balance Bike sessions was approved with an award from BnO. Applicants will be advised. MG Action.

Meeting closed 8.55pm

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