Minutes, 14 October 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Monday, 14TH October 2019 in Ardgay Hall at 7.00pm

Minutes approved 09/12/2019

Present: Betty Wright, Chair (BW), Marion Turner, Secretary/Treasurer (MT), Rob Pope (RP), Andy Wright (AW)

Apologies: Silvia Muras, Vice Chair (SM), Buster Crabb (BC)

Invited guest: Sam McMillan (SMc) and James Baird (JB) Coriolis Energy

Also present: Teresa Langley (TL), John Denniston (JD)

Police Scotland: No representative – report received by email during meeting            Minutes Secretary: Mary Goulder

Items 1/3. Welcome/Apologies (as above). Chair Betty Wright opened the meeting. She advised that THC has extended the deadline for CC nomination submissions to the 29th October with a new election date (if required) of 4th December.

Item 2. Presentation/Q&A by Coriolis Energy re proposed Garvary windfarm. SMc gave the background information for the company which is based in Glasgow, currently is a partner of ESB on wind farm projects and has delivered fifteen windfarms around the UK. Brief background for ESB was also given. Met mast has been on the proposed site since 2016 which has been scoped for 45 turbines, maximum tip height of up to 180m. CCs expressed the views that the narrative regarding appropriate use of community benefit has to change to bring more positive connections for local people. Suggestions ranged from cheaper electricity schemes to the provision of a local electric bus fleet to deal with the lack of local public transport. A new and innovative approach is required. SMc and JB left at 7.50pm.

Item 4. Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the June meeting were approved by Betty Wright, seconded by Rob Pope; August meeting proposed by Rob Pope, seconded Marion Turner.

Item 5. Matters arising. (1) National Cycle Route 1. THC has agreed to remove the contentious references from the Dornoch Town Centre Plan. (2) Bonar straight speed limit. Further letter to THC has received no reply. Feeling is that residents need to push for the change. (3) Waste management. The Scottish Government deadline to cease using landfill has been put back as alternative plans are not yet in place. (4) Christmas lights. Date set to put up lights – week beginning 18th November. Cherry picker will be required. Three volunteers so far, more welcome. A separate date will be agreed to erect the tree. This can be made a village event; volunteers encouraged for this too. (5) Tree planting on Jubilee Hill. Forestry Scotland meeting with residents on 25th October at 10am in Ardgay Public Hall. CC will be represented.

Item 6. Police report. The report noted twenty-eight incidents in the previous month including eleven planned shoots, one external agency request, two personal alarms, one child protection, one road traffic matter, three assist members of the public, one animal call, four road traffic collisions, two concern for persons, one damage call and one other crime. CC asked for more detail regarding the planned shoots. Secretary will enquire. MT Action.

Item 7. Chairperson’s report. (BW) (1) The Community Day held at The Hub recently was well-attended. Fire Service gave a demonstration. (2) MT/SM met THC Chief Executive Donna Manson for a one-hour discussion which covered funding and budget cuts.

Item 8. Secretary’s report. (MT) (1) All relevant correspondence has been circulated. (2) MT has cleared the archive cupboard, completed by the end of September. Much of the content will be disposed of by arrangement with THC at Drummuie with significant documents retained including the last four years of accounts and minutes. Each consecutive CC (four-year term of office) should update as appropriate. Some documents concerning local history will be offered to the History Society. Decision on old computer and unused laptop deferred to next meeting. MT Action.

Item 9. Treasurer’s report. (MT) The 27 September balance at the bank is £18,618.95 of which £18,077.89 are restricted funds. The CC admin fund has a balance of £189.77. The Windfarm admin fund has a balance of £351.29. The Toilet fund should break even. Final accounting for the A&DCC Newsletter will be done when outstanding payment and receipts due for November have been processed. The balances of the restricted fund are: Toilet caretaking £442.08, BTWF Community Projects £2,898.66, Newsletter £-197.23, BnO £14,763.98, EON Path £170.40. Matt Dent has submitted a request to order materials from the E.ON Path Fund. Chair will liaise. BW Action.

Item 10. Correspondence/matters raised by local residents. (1) TL raised the issue of traffic speeding through the junction in mid-Gledfield, especially when exiting from the Gledfield/Dounie road. Speeds of 50-60 are estimated in this 30mph restricted area. Traffic issues will be passed to Police. MT Action.

Item11. Regular updates: (1) Planning issues. Temporary Met mast at Beinn Tharsuinn windfarm. MT Action.

(2) Broadband. No update from Highland Wireless.

(3) Windfarms. Sallachy. (1 )MOU signed off with CC and WKN re community benefit. (2) Lairg 2. Ongoing discussions re community benefit. (3) BTWF considering extending/repowering. Meall Buidhe. No update. (4) Coire na Cloiche. It is understood that the development has been commissioned. Community benefit payments should have begun. (5) Beinn nan Oighrean. The original agreement with Creich and Ardgay CCs was that community benefit was index linked. Secretary will liaise with Creich Chair and write to Mr Brooke regarding the oversight of payments. MT Action.

(5) Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust. AW will send out email with any relevant report. He will flag up to the Trust Manager the need to report regularly to the CCs and membership. AW Action.

Item 12. Highland Council. No representative, apologies or report received.

Item 13. Any other competent business. None raised.

Item 14. Date and time of next meeting. The provisional date for the next meeting is Monday, 9th December at 7pm in Ardgay Hall. This should be the first meeting of the newly elected CC.

Item 15. Beinn Tharsuinn/Beinn nan Oighrean Community Benefit awards. Beinn Tharsuinn. At private session two BTWF awards were approved. Kyle of Sutherland Cinema Club was awarded £150 towards running costs for 2019-20 and the Ladybird Club received £350, also towards running costs 2019-20. Application by Ardgay Public Hall for £947 towards the creation of new storage spaces was rejected as it was felt that this was part of a larger project.

Beinn nan Oighrean. Culrain & District Hall Committee received £250 towards additional Christmas lights. A&DCC also received an award of £250 for its Christmas lights improvements. MG/MT Action.

Meeting closed 9.35pm

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