There are local funding opportunities which may help your group with project finance.

Developers of nearby windfarms have set up Community Benefit Funds to which local organisations may apply.  Click to find more about how Beinn Tharsuinn, Achany, and Rosehall windfarms each operate their separate funds.

A&D CC receives small sums each year which we are able to award to local organisations in amounts up to £ 250.

Currently there are small awards made from the Beinn nan Oighrean Community Benefit Fund. We have a simple application form you may download,  HERE as DOC, if you wish to apply.

It may be that additional information to your application will be needed, if so we will ask.

For our records we will ask for copy invoices or receipts of relevant expenses.
It is difficult to know of and understand all the funding opportunities available, but help exists nearby.

Voluntary Groups – East Sutherland ( VG-ES ) maintain a knowledgebase of many funding providers.  VG-ES are  located at Alba, Main Street, Golspie, Sutherland, KW10 6TG, Tel 01408 633001 .

The internet offers information on funding.  There are many hundreds of other funders and it may take time to identify those which fit your organisation’s needs.

You should …

Try to apply to several funders for your project.  It is usually to your advantage to identify several funders as a multiplier effect often results and this is welcomed by funding bodies – with some it is essential.

Be as professional as possible.

Try to understand what information a funder will want from you; contact them and ask.  Prepare a very brief description of your group’s activities and your relevance to our local community, what benefit you and your project bring to the community.  Mention how you raise funds now, how you intend to do so in future.  Gather quotations for intended works or spending, and be ready to state how you manage your organisation and its funds.

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